Kayaking in the Exuma Islands, Bahamas - May 2007

Wow! What else can you say about a place where the water comes in so many beautiful colors!?

As with most grand adventures, so much happened on the trip, you could write a book about it and still not cover everything. I'm not even sure where to begin.

In a nutshell, four of us flew down to Georgetown in the Bahamas, rented sea kayaks, and paddled out into the undeveloped islands north of Great Exuma Island. For a week, more or less.

Want more? Ok. We snorkeled, we paddled, we took pictures, we ate and drank, and we had a grand adventure in a world of beautiful water. We saw sharks, rays, little lizards, big iguanas, osprey, some kind of prehistoric trilobite-looking creatures, tecuma (needle-nose fish) and little tropical fish (outside of an aquarium). We had conch fritters, Kalik, Guiness Extra Stout, coconut rum, mango rum, pineapple rum and red wine. We watched sunsets and sunrises. We watched the stars at night. We got sand in our gear, salt in our hair, and walked carefully on the rocks.

Then there were the less pleasant parts of the Adventure. Like lost luggage, the current going out, no-see-ums, mosquitos, sunburn, and flight cancellations. But who remembers those things?

Here's a link to the webshots album of pix from the trip. It contains pix from all of us. I've only posted a hundred or so. Catch up with one of us if you want to see the full set of 600+.

May the Adventure continue!!

posted 6/1/07

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