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Sea kayaking in the Exumas

updated December 18, 2010

Who is the Adventure Family?

The Adventure Family is a group of friends and family who enjoy outdoor adventures and the company of good friends. We also enjoy good food and drink, great scenery, warm sleeping bags, soft thermarests, chocolate chip cookies, fresh fallen snow, clear tropical waters, a nice shiraz, a cold diet pepsi, breath-taking sunsets, just baked biscuits with cheese, and well..., you get the picture. Joy is where you find it!

We are sharing a small part of our adventures with you through this website. It goes without saying the beauty of the places we often find ourselves can't be fully captured in words or photographs. You'll have to use your imagination for the rest. Or come out and join us on one of our adventures!

I hope you find our adventures inspiring!

Infoman : Feb 23, 2007

A Quote To Ponder

Are not the mountains, waves and skies a part of me and of my soul as I of them?

- Lord Byron


May the adventure continue!!

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