Adventure Family Logo Story

Click on the Logo Menu links to the right to see Flash presentations about the meaning of the various parts of the Adventurers' Logo. It makes the most sense if you follow the order from top to bottom.

Where did the Adventurers' Logo come from? Lots of places, just like our group of friends. After many years of adventuring, and enjoying the anticipation of upcoming trips (which can be as much fun as a trip itself), we found ourselves creating logo designs for individual trips. It was fun and helped us bond and helped us enjoy remembering the fun afterwards.

It wasn't long before we recognized that we were piling up more logoed tshirts in our closet than we would ever be able to wear. So we decided we needed just a single logo that we could reuse. One that would represent our adventure family and our adventure trips. It had to be a special design, with meaning, because of how important our adventure family is to us.

After widespread searching, COP and SD found some key pieces of symbology from various cultures. Infoman added them to what he found and put it all together to form the Adventurers' Logo you see today.

The Flash presentations are nice, but to get the best version of the story of the meaning of the logo, you have to join the Family on an adventure, enjoy a great sunset and a fantastic meal, pour the storyteller a drink, then sit back and listen to Infoman tell the logo story. It's never exactly the same twice, but the result is always worth the day's effort.

The Mission

COP has a dream. One day he'd like to encounter someone on the street/trail/river/etc who is wearing the logo. It will be someone he doesn't know. He'll go up to them and ask them what that logo is. It won't matter what their response is. He'll just smile and listen to their version of the logo story and think back on all the great memories that he's had associated with the logo. :)

Happy - Safe - Journey

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