Backpacking at Mt. Rogers - January 2005

January 2005

Don, Gene, Michele and Nickola hiked in to see Billy Bob's hangout. I recall at least one special moment from this trip. Since the hike in to Billy Bob's spot is lengthy, we had plenty of time for our thoughts to dwell on him. Gene and I approached within a half mile, walking along one of the horse trails coming down from Rhododendron Gap. Up ahead of us, too far to see clearly, we spotted a backpacker wearing an unmistakeable mango North Face parka. He was walking away from us, towards Billy Bob's spot. I don't think I've ever seen anyone else wearing that color - I know it was on the sale rack where Billy found it for a reason. We both did a doubletake and quickened our pace to get a better view. We knew it couldn't be, but ...

I could tell you that the backpacker disappeared before we could see him any better, and that would be a better story than what really happened. Maybe if I just leave it unfinished, the story will eventually turn into one of those "legends of the ghosts of Mt Rogers" stories. :)

Eventually, as we hiked back towards the parking lot at the end of the trip, the sky clouded up and snowed on us. There was about 3 inches on the ground when we finally reached the parking lot. As much as Billy Bob and the rest of us love snow at Rogers, I'm pretty sure we can thank Billy after all for sending those flakes down for us!!

Another great adventure with great friends!

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