Hiking on Maui - Makena State Park - July 2006


While chaperoning at a basketball tournament on Maui, Infoman took a few hours out to go exploring. Just south of where we stayed is Makena State Park. The official description is a "scenic wildland beach park". It's main geographic feature is a 300' tall cinder cone right on the edge of the ocean. There's no official trail to it's summit, but there is a well worn path, so I decided to hike up it. The other features of this little park are Big Beach and Little Beach. Little Beach is famous on it's own, but you'll have to do some sleuthing yourself to figure out why.

The views on the way up this crumbling pile of cinders were pretty cool, as were the views from the top.

A nice little adventure! Watch the slideshow below, or click to go see the full pix and descriptions.


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