Backpacking at Mt. Rogers - January 2006

August at Rogers. The blueberries are ripe. Cobbler, pancakes, muffins - need I say more?

Infoman went up on Friday. The hike in was foggy. As I stopped to sample the blueberries, the fog got thicker until it was like pea soup. That made my route eben more interesting. I left the backpacker parking lot and took the blue-blazed trail in towards Wise Shelter. After I crossed the first creek and then the stile over the fence, I took a left and climbed through the forest until I hit the horse trail that leads back to the Pines. I camped there Friday night and spent Sat morning wandering around whle I waited for the rest of the group to arrive. They eventually got there, but it was tough waiting. I did discover a new campsite, one that is better than the traditional one we've been using in the Pines for years. (I'd tell you where it is, but then everyone would use it!)

This trip saw quite a few new adventurers on the mountain. COP was joined by Cap'n Morgan. The Pirate Princess was joined by her boys (big and small), as well as the whole family of one of her friends. Blister Sister was accompanied by that guy who somehow left this trip with the nickname "Uranus". (We've since traded that in for Iceman.)

Another great trip!!

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