Backpacking at Mt. Rogers - December 2006

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This trip started out with Don driving to Bob's, and then driving to Greensboro. There we loaded up Gene and hit the road west. We ate supper at JB's Pizza and Subs in Sparta. Kevin and Rory met us there. Then we drove on up to Massey Gap, arriving about 7:30 PM on Friday night. Temp's were around 19 degrees F. We camped at the Pines.

On Saturday, after a breakfast of srimp and grits with cheese, the group hiked over to the secret campsite to check it out. Still beautiful. Then Bob and Don hiked up Wilburn Ridge and back. COP took a nap. Kevin and Rory took a nap and then a little hike.

Later in the afternoon, we all took a nap before dinner. Then we had a nice dinner of Asian noodles and orange chocolate chip cookies. Noodle Man earned his nickname, as did Merlot Man. We spent the evening watching the beautful starry sky.

On Sunday, after a breakfast of hot bacon and cheddar biscuits, we hiked out the long way around the lower end of Wilburn Ridge and took the spur trail down to the parking lot.

Another great adventure with great friends! When's the next one?

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