Kayaking in the Pacific Ocean, Maui, Hawaii - July 2007

Aloha!! Here's a seldom-seen twist on an Adventure Family Adventure - all the participants are actually related, at least by marriage. Four adventurers are headed to Maui to spend a week enjoying an island adventure of the less wildernessy type. Among the activities planned are:

Sea kayaking and snorkeling on the south Maui coast.

Catching a theatre show called 'Ulalena (envision a Cirque Du Soleil show about Hawaiian mythology).

Mountain biking on a volcano, in a tropical rainforest, at the beach - all in one trip!.

Enjoying the Old Lahaina Luau.

A visit to ONO Farm, a certified organic tropical fruit farm.

A helicopter tour of Maui.

A page of Maui webcams.

Kahului, Maui weather

May the Adventure continue !!!!!

Posted 6/20/07

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