Volunteering at Don's Impossible Panther AR at Badin Lake - May 2007


Many of the volunteers that Don recruited for the Impossible Panther Adventure Race were Adventure Family regulars. Truth be told, all of the volunteers are members of Don's various extensions of the Adventure Family in one way or another. Some have raced or trained with him. Some have ridden or paddled or hiked or climbed or dreamed with him.

Since they are all members of the Adventure Family's larger circle, it should come as no surprise that there was lots of eating, BS'ing, and hanging around going on. That was interspersed with times of intense activity. After all, there was a race - no, wait - there were three races going on at the time! Without the volunteers stepping up to the plate and taking care of various tasks, the event would have been a disaster. Thanks guys!!

Here are some pictures taken by volunteers:

Here are some of their pictures of the volunteers:

Here are more pictures taken by volunteers:

Learn more about the race at http://www.gobushwhack.com/ipar07.html

Another great adventure with great friends!

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